Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend fun with the kids... Aviation Day at Paine Field. May 18 2013

This Saturday was Aviation Day at Paine Field.  A friend of mine had organized some antique cars to be there to accompany the vintage aircraft so I took my son Jim, his friend Eli and my sister to go see the cars.  We got there before noon, just in time to see the Warbirds fly in, and lost all interest in the cars.  I was glad to see my son and sister having such a great time there.

Kids are free to the event and adults $10.00 - proceeds go to charity. You are also allowed to view the permanent collection.  We were searching for a B17, Eli's grandpa, who had just passed away, had flown one in the war.  The volunteers were all in tie dyed Ts and we found a guy "Bob" to ask.  He said they didn't have any, but were expecting one in next month for another event.  He did show us the 1944 Polikarpov U-2/PO-2 Russian Biplane originally built for crop dusting but commandeered by the Soviets for an all female regiment; The Night Witches, or 46th Guard.

The Russian writing on the side says "Revenge for Ducia"

I can go all day without eating but kids can't, and since Eli is glucose and soy intolerant, and my sister has Cerebral Palsy and allergies, it was a task to sort out something we could all eat, we all agreed to share a bucket of curly fries and that did the trick.  While I was waiting in line there was a dad with his 3 year old behind me waiting also. I could hear him trying to cue his son to let mom know that he loves airplanes and doesn't want to leave.  His dad told him, "your life depends on telling mom this"   I think once mom got some curly fries she would be ok.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Seattle Science Center tent, where they had space activities for kids.  My sister and I found the planetary weight scales, she is 450 lbs. on Saturn, I teased her about this the rest of the day.  At 2:00 there was a reptile show.  That show was packed...we watched the Reptile man handle a diamond back rattle snake and put an alligator to sleep.  I thought that was a great idea to give the kids a little rest from the airplanes with an animal show.

Tomorrow we are going to the Monroe Auto Swap Meet.  Jim wants to build a "rat rod". He complains that he doesn't have any spare parts to work with. I told him I would give him some cash to find  something to get started.  We'll see what he comes up with. Last year I saw a set of hub caps that matched my year. There was no one at the booth at the time, hopefully I can find another set.

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