Monday, March 25, 2013

Time for another look at my rear end...

I thought that title might be a little misleading,  sorry if I disappointed anyone but this is a family blog.

    I had already refilled my differential with the wrong kind of fluid for Twin Traction (refer to my post "All I know about cars I learned from the movies") so,  I knew it had to be drained, opened and the gasket replaced.  I loosened all the bolts and voila, the two tags to indicate TT (Twin Traction) and the gear ratio, came loose. Then, oh so gently, I pried the bottom just a crack open to let it drain.  It took a few days to drip out, then I removed the cover and there was the Twin Traction carrier.  Since this was an option in 1958 it leaves me to wonder now why it was ordered - had my car been towing something? Yikes.  I'll put that haunting thought behind me for now and push on.

I scraped the old gasket off in one piece, zip-locked it in a freezer bag, and took it to my favorite NAPA in Woodinville, WA.  It is never very busy on the weekends but the one gal there was busy with a guy mixing paint, and the asst. manager Kevin was on the phone. However, he waved me to his desk, and there, already open, was the differential gasket catalog ready to measure. He had already checked his stock and said; though he usually has this in stock,  he was currently out and would have one for me on Monday, a little north of $4.00.  We discussed the range of prices you can find for these, and he mentioned a seal material used often when the covers are warped. I told him I heard of a guy cutting up an old rubber raft for one.  Not that I have anything against the mass of clever money-saving geniuses out there, but come on, it's under 5 bucks, and there has to be a little integrity left in the sport.

Unfortunately, I noticed that my gas line is weeping at the connection to the tank, so that will be next while I'm in that area this week.

P.S. Happy St. Patricks Day

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