Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Update: Chains of Shame...

I spent a little more time this morning looking into the snow chain situation.  My manual states that only "Land Rover Approved" snow traction devices may be used and only purchased from authorized Land Rover Dealers.  So.... I called my Land Rover dealer to get the skinny on the chain deal.  After talking with Kyle about the Oil change issues (I'll go into THAT later) I asked him about chains for a 
F R E E L A N D E R. 

"Oh, we've never had anyone put chains on a Freelander." So he sent me to the parts department to look into ordering a set.

I spoke with a nice guy about 04 Freelander chains, he spent a few minutes looking them up. I knew right away when he started describing them as "SNOW TRACTION SYSTEM" that I was in for a $$$ surprise.  I was thinking about that Hipster with those Thules at $545.00 for his V90 and the expression on his face when they wouldn't stay on the tires - I was getting ready for "Chain Shame".

I then ask, "OK, how much?"

"One Thousand... mumble mumble..."  I didn't get the full price as I started laughing hysterically.  I think he was laughing also.  That explains the lack of Freelander chain purchase that Kyle was unaware of.  I tell the parts guy, my Jeep chains were only $35.00, God Bless America.  

He agreed and said, "Welcome to 2013."

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