Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Will Never Forget You Dodge Marie

1960 Dodge Phoenix (Dart) V8

A little history:

This photo was taken in 1989, I was 26 at the time. I had driven Dodge Marie from L.A. to Phoenix (in the winter) This car had no air and had a history of overheating although, I had replaced the water pump and radiator two years earlier, it also blew a freeze plug on a trip from Berkeley to L.A.  It had a 318 V8 Red Ram engine with poly-spherical heads and mechanical lifters and she was quick, when I stepped on the gas her front end lifted up and she took off, it was a little scary because her front end suspension felt like driving spaghetti. She also had a green glitter plastic steering wheel and vacuum push button transmission.

 I was 21 when I bought her she was yellow, but I painted her pink in the metal shop at CAL.  I had been taking Metal Fab/welding as an "art" credit and the Dept. head and sculptor, Brian Wall allowed us to use the outdoor compressor one summer. I chose Ditzler Samoan Coral from a 1963 Merk and painted it myself and yes there were a few mishaps. There were a few drips and orange pealing, and a poor bee landed on the front left fender and buzzed around in wet paint till I got it off. Otherwise, I was pretty happy with the job.

 Why I sold her is a sad story.

 I will never forget you Dodge Marie.

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