Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to Save your Diagrams from Cat Revenge

I bought my wiring harness in 2005 from Studebaker Parts and Service in Long Beach CA. for $422.15 ship/tx included. I had begun to install it back then when I lived in San Diego, but my husband took a job in Seattle, so I marked the old harness and left what I had begun to install in place while we moved. Of corse, all the tags I had put on the old harness had come off so I had to use diagrams to retrace the circuits. Unfortunately, there were some changes along the years, the new harness was short at the generator, and didn't have the electric fuel pump included, which had been wired to the interior light switch. I finally got it all figured out using diagrams from three sources, my 56 shop manual, my 58 addendum manual and an online source. 

I also had the misfortune of leaving my cat accidentally in my garage over night one night and he paid me back the favor by peeing on my addendum on the open page with the wire diagram. I washed the book best I could and dried it, but it will always smell like cat pee.  He is NEVER allowed in the garage again.

I had had the idea to enlarge the diagrams and laminate (cat pee proof) them a long time ago, but never did it. Since today I was having Jim and Layla help me finish up the instrument lights I wanted to start the kids off with good habits, so we went to Staples today to do the job. (see above photo) It cost about $8.00 to enlarge and laminate three diagrams.

Layla helping me install new bulbs.
Yes Layla, that does look pretty messy.

I also finished reinstalling the OD cable. I was glad I had run a guide wire. Layla and Jim helped me set it, they earned their Pizza and snacks today. It is a little taut along the chassis as I had lost the hook at the end due to metal fatigue and had to re bend one in.

I promise this is the last casualty photo. It was cold in the garage today so when I  was re bending the OD cable with pliers when I had grabbed my finger instead and started twisting, I didn't even feel it.  I stuck it with a sterilized pin to show the kids what to do with a blood blister and asked Layla if she was still interested in working on cars. Jim thought it was torturing yourself for fun, but Layla was undeterred. Thats my girl.

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