Saturday, November 10, 2012

Play Date Equals Child Labor...

Time to make some use out of them. We feed them, cloth them, drive them around all day, listen to their chatter and for what...

Well, 4th graders can be useful.  My socket wrench set is all over the garage, and it is time to get organized. Since this grade is starting to really look at geometry, shapes, forms, fractions, maybe they can put the socket back into their box in order.
I brought the sockets into the kitchen with their box and had the kids put them back in order. And here is the secret... They did a great job and thought it was fun.

Maybe I can get them to help me change the OD and Transmission fluid next week and learn about fluid viscosity. Ha Ha. 

Friday was a day home from school so sometimes other moms have to work so I watch their kids that day. I had to take my daily driver 2004 Land Rover Freelander (Please don't make fun of me for that, it's a really great car), anyway, It had the check engine light on and as most Land Rover owners know, don't let that go for too long, or your problems will mount. So when I call the service desk and talked to Gab, what a cutie, he wanted to schedule me out one week, but after begging and reminding him that this was after all a F R E E L A N D E R, it needed to be at the front of the list, he set me up for Friday. Since I had this rolling ball of 4th grade monkey energy with me, I thought I give the dealership a little entertainment.

I picked up the kids that morning, went directly to Land Rover of Lynnwood to drop off my car. As I was checking it in, the kids moved into the show room. I told them they could look at the cars, but If I heard them or if someone kicked them out they should come back to me in the service department.

By the time I went to collect them, they were climbing all over the LR4, Range Rover Sport and new EVOQUE (Motor Trend Suv of the year) There were several staff members out, watching them and making sure that buttons and doors were closed after them as not to wear out any batteries.  When I came to get them the staff was great and said the only rule was that they couldn't touch the Jags.

They gave us all a ride back home in a 2008 Range Rover, the shuttle driver had to put up with all the slug bugs in the back seat and some peace signs out the window for a 32 hot rod on the road that day.

I got my car back, no charge, for a vacuum leak in a hose under the intake manifold.  Gab is an angel.

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