Wednesday, November 14, 2012

AMC was so Cool, yes I said that.

Sunday my husband Tom and son James visited the LeMay American Car Museum in Tacoma Washington. I'm so glad this museum is here, it just opened this summer 2012. This awesome collection of autos was assembled by a local trash magnate. I find that ironic that some guy in the garbage business had the future sight to collect and restore something that in our consumer history may have made it to the wrecking yards over the years. How many times have you seen some beauty rusting away on some lot in a field. Or maybe some punk rockers in the 80s driving one around just to be a nuisance. (oops maybe I'm talking about myself) anyway, thank God for car collections and museums. 

I took some photos of this 1965 AMC Marlin because this era is really nostalgic to me. It even has little fins, probably some of the last fins in production as 1965 was giving way to "internationalism" and a look that was more straight edge and geometric even minimalist, (i.e., less chrome) the era of sputnik was giving way to the international industrial complex. I know it's not every ones taste, but I think its a gas!!!!

I've only had one AMC car. A 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer that I bought from my brother who owed our dad some money, he sold me the car to pay off the debt. He had recovered it from a wrecking yard in Mississippi, new transmission (4x4 never engaged) bad wiring, wrong engine, isuzu wheels and the door jams were so full of Mississippi mud I was constantly cleaning it out. I think it was in a flood and a fire, evidenced from the burnt remainder of the Jeep Eagle hood decal. The adjustable steering wheel was also broken so it floated inside the column. I took that car everywhere, I figured if it ever broke down for good, I'd just park it on the side of the road and make it my brothers problem again, ( I never transferred the title).  I did eventually sell it to a friend of mine that took it to Mexico to work on an organic farm.

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