Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What could go wrong, It's just an oil change...


I decided to change the oil today. I haven't changed the oil on the last 10 years since the car has been sitting. (I did drain the water and gas during that time though) Easy start, unscrewed the drain plug to allow what looked like black molasses ooze out. (I took it to O'reillys' to recycle) But since the washer on the little drain plug looked a little squished and malformed I thought it would be a good idea to replace it now.  

I went to Napa to pick up oil, an oil filter, an oil filter wrench and a new washer. They didn't have the washer. But I had a nice talk with a guy there who said he used to have a Sunbeam Tiger (I think he is the owner). We reminisced over Get Smart. He suggested this oil AMS Z rod 20w50.  For cars that will sit a while in between oil changes. I know I needed Zink so it was a sale.  I also needed a new filter, not a problem and a filter wrench.  He showed me an interesting tool that was a plastic cap that fit over the oil filter and you used a regular wrench to wratchet it off, $10 bucks less than a traditional one.  Ok fine.

So I drop off my old oil for recycling at O'Reilly's, they didn't have a washer either.  So I went to a great hardware store here called McClendon's Hardware, where the sales person Ward bent over backwards to find a washer which they had and I headed home.  But, Oh, rats, this plastic cap doesn't fit over the filter that is currently there. So I go back to Napa to exchange the wrench.  HERE IS THE RANT: The gal at the counter gets an attitude on about taking the product back because the packaging was dirty. I had bought that product 1 hour earlier and it was already in a dirty package, but I bought it that way as it was handed to me at the store by the owner of the store.  I told her that I bought it that way, she said she would have to get approval from her management. You can imagine that set me off. As I am complaining she is explaining to me their store policy, which I had to point out that if they didn't want to take back dirty tools, they shouldn't sell dirty tools in the first place. I eventually got the $5.00 credit.  I finished the oil change by noon.

I have a couple of hours before my son gets home from school, when I'll have to make him a snack, help him with homework then dinner, then ready for bed. So I thought I'd squeeze in that fan shroud.  Let me tell you, I don't know how a guy could do it unless his arms are skinny.  you have to remove the fan and radiator hose, position the shroud then install the fan inside the shroud before you can bolt the shroud on again.  My friend Ray imparted upon me his 40 years of wisdom and gave me a couple of guider screws without the heads to help place the fan, since you can't see anything of what you are doing.  It all goes smooth, just in time for me to put Tortinos in the oven for my kid.

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