Saturday, October 13, 2012

Two steps forward, One step back...

So, the carb is back on the car.  I'm ready to turn it over and make adjustments, but alas, no gas is getting to the carb.  This was actually the initial problem, after all summer of running. I thought that the needle or float was clogged or stuck.  I had replaced the fuel pump in March as the old one had already failed, I didn't think it was this new pump. But I'm learning my lesson about cheep auto parts and auto part suppliers.  I bought the above right "Mr. Gasket" pump from O'Riellys auto parts for about $35.00. It leaked at the filter when I first put it on, so I cranked down on the filter but I must have done something to it to make it fail.  So I got a new Carter pump, just like the one the car had on it when I got it.  I've read great reviews about this pump so I'm crossing my fingers this is good, I costs about $75.00 at Napa.  I replaced all the fuel line with stainless. I had to recharge my battery a few times after priming the pump, but finally got fuel to flow to the carb, now I can make my mix adjustments.  I'm behind schedule on the brakes, I cleaned and re bored the rear wheel cylinders and replaced those rubber parts, shoes are really good so both rears are done, and I thought both fronts were done but one of the NEW front wheel cylinders leaks at the bleeder screw, I'm waiting for a new one I just ordered $25.00 + shipping.
Since the mechanical fuel pump had been replaced the lines were also replaced with rubber and rerouted around the top and back of the manifold, I'll have to change that with a fuel line elbow with a sharp turn to get it around the front again, but this is later on my list.  I also want to put in a 40 micron fuel filter, but the budget says next spring.
I did finish prepping, priming and painting the shroud. I'm planning on putting it back on the car this week. 

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