Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Three Projects in Two Weeks... 9/26 to 10/10.

I have three projects going at the same time. The rear brakes, the fan shroud and a carb rebuild.

9/27 Rear brakes. Even after soaking for two days with deep creep, I didn't know how tough those castle bolts would be.  My friend Ray gave them a good whack with his wrench to no avail.  Then my neighbor Steve came over with his master tool. A special extending rod he made for that little extra leverage we all need once in a while. With the right socket and an additional 4 feet he got both of them off in just a few minutes.  Now I need to pull the drums.

Final sanding
9/26 Fan Shroud. My friend picked up the fan shroud and did a nice clean sanding over it, I finished it off with more sanding with my "mouse" sander to get into the tight corners. ( I buffed it down with my husbands cotton T-shirts) He'll never know, besides, he used my lasagna tray for a cat box.  I gave it a coat of rust inhibiting OSPHO (Phosphoric, dichromate and other bad stuff)  It takes a while to dry so I'll leave that for a day or two.


9/26 Carburetor.  I took a lot of photos of this project, there are so many little pieces.  This is a Stomberg WW 6-117.  It seems to be an older carb for this year.  When I got the car, there were two carbs in a box in the trunk, this one had the most parts still attached, so on it went.  I think the first owner was trying to modify it, he had even cut a hole for a scoop in the hood and mounted a home made fiberglass scoop to it.

 I stuck a box on the intake hole, I have images of creatures nesting in there if I leave it open too long.

Looks like heart surgery.

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