Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ominous Alien Machine Eye

This directional remind me of that ominous alien machine
 eye in the movie, War of the Worlds.

I used to think I had really joined the ZZ Top Fan club. It seemed everyone I met with a Studebaker wore overalls and sported van Winkles.
Always the nicest people in the world, but lost in Pleasant village, destine to wander in their long lost years wondering, did Studebaker really go out of business?

Today I hooked up my unique, on fender directionals and they didn't work. Turns out, with all that new paint and undercoat, they weren't grounding properly, I had to add a grounding wire, but now, I've got problems tightening them back down, and my flasher is out. They light up, but are week.  I went to McClendons for some hardware fix its, but no luck. I'll work on this for a few more days, should be an easy fix, famous last words.

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