Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happiness is Elusive, Again.

October 14.  After I spent last week getting the rear brakes off and rebuilding them (didn't need shoes) I was ready to bleed the brakes and be done with the whole brake system: New master cylinder, new brake lines, new wheel cylinders front and back.

 As my son was home from school on Friday with his friends I had them help me bleed the brakes to finish off.  All seem to go well until I got to the front left. I could not get the bleeder screw to stop leaking.  After half a day trying new screws, bleeding again and trying to adjust I concluded that the channel for the screw was stripped or scored or somehow not closing off the hole in the screw to stop fluid from expressing.  I'm waiting for a new cylinder, another $25.00 + shipping.

This week I'll work on putting the fan shroud back on the car, that will be tricky as I have to remove the fan, put the shroud in, then finagle the fan on with the shroud loose, tighten the fan then attach the shroud. What fun.  I'm also going to work on rewiring the fuel pump to the oil pressure switch, I've never done that before, this will take some research. I bought a new oil pressure gage to install also.

Nice and clean

Looks good

I took pictures of each piece as I removed it so I could remember how to put it back together in order. I cleaned all the parts with brake cleaner, let them dry, added white grease to the back plate, re bored and rebuilt the cylinder with new replacements, then reassembled.  

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