Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Fins, fins, fins...
I know I'm supposed to be cleaning my garage, but I just couldn't pass up one more car show this summer, especially a Studebaker event. Finally, an opportunity to see some brothers and sisters.  I have to admit it's those snap on fins that really get me.  This line up of culprits  took center of the park, next to Grand Turismos and Avantis bunched together.  The parameter showed antiques as the gatekeepers, trucks and Larks and others all around as well as some really stellar non Studi participants.  All at the 40th Watcom Co. Studebaker Club Classic Car Show at Hovander Homestead Park.

My son Jim's favorite was the Horseless Carriage, he really likes those antiques, I think my husband Tom was partial to that cool mid 60s retractable top station wagon, and Ray and Carol Keehners 1946 business mans' coupe.            Of course... give me fins.

My new fan shroud with original Studebaker dust.
All kidding aside, my two new found best Studebaker friends were there, Ray Keehner and his wife Carol and John Doughtery.  Ray even scored a badly needed fan shroud for me at a super price.  My car hasn't had one since I've had it.  But no sooner was I checking it out when the words "modification" were in the air.  It seems it is a little tough to install because the fan has to be removed and reinstalled from the front of the shroud. But, Studebaker people are never deterred.  Mike whom I bought it from and Ray, were discussing a solution of cutting it in half along an existing weld line and reconnecting it with wing nuts for easy removal once installed, apparently this has been done before.

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