Thursday, September 6, 2012

Clean Up Your Room!!!

I am always yelling at my son to wear shoes and clean his room, yet, look at mom's bad example.

Since I can't do much to my car for another 3 weeks I thought I would clean my garage and work on better safety practices.
My Messy Garage September 2012
I wasn't wearing my "Original Pink Box" utility gloves when I broke my pinky.  This company makes all kinds of garage and other tool related items for gals.  These gloves are great because they are small and fit my hands and have reinforced pads for my fingernails. Sears carries this brand and often has sales on them. It is really hard to use mens' gloves because when I am trying to unscrew or hand tighten anything the mens' gloves fingertips fold in on my hands.

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