Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fenders and Fins 10th Anniversary Car Show

1962 Studebaker Lark

Yes there was a lark there.  John and his family and shop put on a wonderful open house yesterday.  My count was 42 cars and more food than one could count.  I brought my two kids, see left of photo and my dog.  My dog was even given a hot dog.

Next year I hope to have my car there. John is currently working on the fender moulding for my car.  The 58 Studebaker Hawks had removable fins, but no one has original moldings so you have to by new fabricated metal strips and have them formed to the car and painted.  I don't have those kinds of tools, so Fenders and Fins is the place to do it.  When they are done, I will also have them put on my windshields.

The owner of this Lark, John, told me about a Studebaker show next week in Ferndale WA, on the border of US and Canada, so we'll be heading up there next week end.

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