Monday, September 3, 2012

Beauty and the Beast at the Bothell Car Show

1953 Studebaker Coupe 
Wow, may daughter looks so pretty in front of this stunning metalic root beer brown 53 coupe.

I had such a nice talk with the guy that owned this car (not pictured).  You learn so much about peoples lives when you talk to them about their cars.  He told me he was originally from Montana, and told me a funny story about school and how he used to stare out the window in class and day dream all day.  He eventually became air traffic control at SEATAC where he says he is still staring out the window all day.  Judging from this car you can tell he still dreams those beautiful dreams.

The fellow in the yellow to the left had a royal blue metalic 88 BMW M6 that looked purple in the sun.  I couldn't talk to him much about his car, I'm clueless about them, but he was a gas.  He showed me his broken pinky (like mine) and told me he got it in a bar fight in TEXAS.  He was a great story teller and lived an active life, what a sweetie pie.
The owner removed the "V" emblem on the hood, I like how clean it looks.

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