Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Little Time Line and Some Perspective.

1985, Wess and I are prepping our newly acquired
treasure for long term storage while we went to college.
I have one more week with my finger pinky brace then I'm back to fun. I have three projects I've got planned, the carb needs a rebuild, the fan shroud needs modifications then install and I have to get back to those breaks. I rebuilt the fronts, installed new lines, hoses and master cylinder, but the rear brakes haven't been done yet.  I know the pads are good, but I'm going to need new wheel cylinders, or maybe rebuilds. We'll see when I get the drums off.

1998, My daughter is 6 in the photo,
yes I used to drive it like this, without the fins.
In any case, as I've been cleaning the garage these last few weeks, I came across these photos I thought I'd post.  I wish that I had taken more pictures.  My original goal was to just get the car cleaned up enough so I could drive it around.  However, no shop at that time would paint it or do body work on it. This was in the mid 90s in Portland Oregon, and most body shops I could afford were only doing insurance work.

1999, Phase I, Body work and bonding layer
before paint.  There was a cut-out in the
hood that had to be patched and the hood
had flown up on me once while driving so,
there were creases at the joints.

 I found a shop in Oregon City that restored only Mustangs, and asked Gary if he would squeeze me in during a slow period.  I had to move my car in and out of his shop during body work and paint layers and let it cure in my garage so it didn't get in the way of his precious mustangs, but WOW, he gave my Silver Hawk all the respect any Mustang owner would have gotten.  And as we all know, Studebaker invented the "Pony Car" not Ford.
1999, Wet paint. After Gary had finished I had some soul searching
to do.  This car deserved more respect than I had been giving it. ( I know the photos digital date is '94, but that is incorrect in the camera)

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